Thursday, February 28, 2008

Please Comment if read....

Please comment if you read this and get some value out of it. I'd like this site to be interactive and very supporting. Being short can be difficult for people and I am here to help since I too went through some hard times but was able to overcome them. so please comment and participate in the healing process.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who Made You God?

Have you ever heard anyone ask that question? It is usually being asked of a person who thinks their opinions should be stamped into stone tablets for the world to revere for all time. Mostly they don't think for themselves but rather only give opinions based on what they perceive the rest of the world expresses. To them public opinion is God. But that is not reality. God has nothing to do with public opinion. Public opinion is an illusion and not a reality. What the majority perceives as fact is indeed not fact. The only fact is the opinion which an individual holds. Public opinion is not set in stone and has no relevance in any one life.

Knowing that public opinion is an illusion is an important aspect in achieving what I am calling "ShortPower." What's really important is to abandon any belief that public opinion exists and to believe that it doesn't have any influence over your life. What exists are the individual opinions of the billions of people who live on our planet. Each mind perceives things uniquely and each person holds individual opinions. This is important to understand. The world is not comprised of one opinion but of billions of opinions. No two individuals carry the same exact opinions.

Because public opinion doesn't exist there is no possible way to alter it and there is no point in trying to do so. It is only important to know that each individual carries their our opinions and it is only possible to change the opinion of one person at a time. But before we can change how others feel about short people, we must first change our own views and opinions because even us short people have had our opinions influenced by the imaginary views of public opinion. Short people don't perceive themselves very highly because they believe they are not perceived very highly by the rest of the world. But that is not the case. There is no telling what every person in the world thinks of short people. The first and most important step in achieving "ShortPower" is to gain a positive self opinion of all short people. Know, absolutely know, that short people are not inferior to any other person on the planet and that short people are not less attractive than other people on the planet. And believe with the most conviction possible that short people deserve to be respected and admired for their accomplishments just like any other person on the planet. Short people are no different and you must see yourself and all other short people as no different than people of larger stature.

Do this, believe this, and you are taking your first steps to achieving "ShortPower."

I will post the second installation of "ShortPower" Tuesday, March4, 2008.